A New Mission

We left Toronto Mon. morning and arrived Taipei Tues. evening, 24 hours later. The flight was long with two stopovers, but smooth as there was only an hour’s wait in between flights, and none of our luggage took a side tour. Our contacts picked us up from the airport and drove us to a small but comfortable hotel, and we were glad to settle down for the night after staying awake throughout the flight.

Our Taipei host's residence

Our Taipei host’s residence

On Wed. we visited our contact’s home and place of ministry, and took in some sight-seeing in Taipei, concluding the day by attending their church’s prayer meeting in the evening. Theirs is one of a small number of growing evangelical and evangelistic churches in Taipei, increasing their membership from 200 to 600 in 10 years, while many mainline churches are not growing because they do not focus on the word and outreach.

Prayer meeting at Shin Pai Presbyterian Friendship Church

Prayer meeting at Shin Pai Presbyterian Friendship Church

On Thurs. our host took us to Taichung, SEND Taiwan’s headquarters, via high-speed rail. We were warmly received in a welcome lunch with most of SEND’s missionaries in Taichung, which was chosen as headquarters due to the missionary school in that city.

Welcome lunch with SEND staff

Welcome lunch with SEND staff

We will spend the bulk of our short-term trip in Taichung, with a shorter stay in Chiayi, a smaller town 1.5 hours by coach to the south. In Taichung we will live in a one-bedroom apartment on the 3/F of the mission house, which consists of two buildings:
• a 4 storey building with the office on the ground floor, 3 guest rooms on the 2nd floor, 2 apartments on the 3rd floor, and a Grace Hall on the 4th floor for meetings
• a 2 storey building next door with fellowship hall on the G/F, and the hosts’ living quarters on the 2/F.

Front entrance of mission house, with our helpful administrator

Front entrance of mission house, with our helpful administrator

Taichung is a medium size city of about 2.6 million population including the surrounding county, less crowded compared to HK, and probably a couple of decades behind in terms of development, somewhat like the New Territories. Weather is pleasant with temperature in the mid-20’s now, but can be hot in July-August. If you are a food lover you will love Taichung, as there are all kinds of eateries everywhere.

The missionaries had been very helpful. One couple showed us around our neighborhood, where to buy groceries, treated us to dinner, and gave us recommendations re Mandarin options etc. Another took us to register for language school, and our hosts showed us where to the local food supplies warehouse and invited us to their home for dinner. In short we were welcome into the missionaries’ big family.

As we walked one block around the mission house, we counted 5 temples of various sizes. The enemy had blinded the eyes of our fellow Chinese who live in spiritual darkness. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the gospel.

Temple around the block

Temple around the block

Today we explored by bus how to get around the vicinity and ministry will start next week with mornings/early afternoons reserved for language study, and meetings in the evenings and weekends. Thank you for your prayers and financial support, without which this STM would not be possible.

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