Some New Friends (A)

Our Taipei hosts are a talented Swiss-German couple who came to Taiwan over 20 years ago. He is seconded to the Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association (CCEA), and works hard at mobilizing cross-cultural missions in Taiwan. In addition, he is the ministry coordinator for Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee (TECC), which serves five foreign nationalities in Taiwan. As if that’s not enough, he teaches missions at a local seminary, while finishing a D. Min. for himself.

Her ministry is completely different from her husband’s. Among other things such as Alpha Course and singing in several philharmonic choirs, she started Elijah’s Hut, which hosts creative workshops as a women’s outreach:

Elijah's Hut external view

Elijah’s Hut external view

Elijah's Hut front yard

Elijah’s Hut front yard

Omega stones - the Finisher of our faith

Omega stones – the Finisher of our faith

Art studio inside

Art studio inside

Both work long hours and juggle several ministries at the same time. God has a sense of humor. As our European hosts conversed with everyone in fluent Mandarin, we struggled to understand half of what was being said! It gave us an incentive to really learn our Mandarin well, not only to understand, but also to be understood as we present the gospel to those God puts across our path. Thank God for missionaries who persevered in crossing the language and cultural barriers to bring the good news to the unreached.

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