Wanted: Willing Hearts. No Experience Necessary.

Another couple we met is the host and hostess or property manager of the mission house. He used to be a policeman in the US, 10 years as a highway patrolman, then 3 years with the arson squad, and finally over 10 years as a detective sergeant, including the narcotics unit. She worked in a number of positions, including travel agent, as an aide assessing treatment intake, and as a part-time teacher for students with special needs.

Our host and hostess

Our host and hostess

When they took early retirement, he registered with Finishers and got linked up with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They looked at a number of ministry opportunities, including serving as hosts in Papua New Guinea (PNG) or in a nursing home in the States. They were very excited about the former role, and were ready to go when they were stopped by the mission’s doctor, who was concerned about the lack of good medical facilities in PNG for her physical condition. Saddened, they looked at other possibilities. One was as hosts for a mission house in China, but unfortunately there were no living quarters for the hosts themselves, which meant they have to live off-site. Finally the SEND Taiwan posting came up, which fit all their requirements, and they have been serving here since last Nov.

If you have a heart to serve, God has a place for you. Some people assume that you must have theological education before you can serve on the mission field. That is true only if you have a preaching/teaching role. Our hosts have been actively serving in church, but do not have a seminary or bible college background. There are many support positions that do not require a theology degree, but you have to be willing to serve where God plants you. After all, if you see yourself as God’s servant, then it is up to Him, not you, to choose what and where He wants you to serve. Do not limit yourself by your own presuppositions. Keep your heart and eyes open and there are endless possibilities.

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