Tanzi Dafeng Gospel Center

Tanzi Dafeng Gospel Center

We worshipped at the Tanzi Dafeng Gospel Center this morning, a daughter church planted by another SEND church. The mother church was started by a SEND missionary couple, who had since returned to the Philippines to serve at their home church.

Fellowship Hall on ground floor

Fellowship Hall on ground floor

The church rents one unit each on the ground and second floor of a building in a residential-commercial district. The congregation consists of approximately two dozen adults, plus about ten children. Notwithstanding its size, it runs a full program including worship, Sunday school, Bible study, English classes (one for adults, another for children), prayer meeting, and youth fellowship.

Auditorium on 2/F

Auditorium on 2/F

The order of service is very similar to that in North America – prelude, call to worship, singspiration, special music presentation, Scripture reading, sermon, response hymn, offering, benediction, doxology, announcements, followed by love feast. All posts including speaker, worship leader, prayer meeting leader, pianist, usher, audio-visual, cleanup, children’s Sunday school, and love feast preparation are assigned, so nearly everyone has a place to serve.

The church has her own pastor working his way through seminary, who shares the pulpit with two missionary pastors, as well as a member of the pastoral team from the mother church. They also have a deacon in place. I learned from the missionaries that there are several attendees who are not yet Christians, but who bring their children every week. The previous week’s offering was NT$8,500 from 21 in worship attendance, a projected NT$442,000 for the year, or approximately NT$400/person/week.

The finances are probably inadequate for self-funding in terms of Taichung’s standard of living, but on the surface it appears that the church is self-propagating and self-governing, and on its way towards being “independent” or autonomous. That’s the way it should be, establishing indigenousthree-self” churches that can carry the baton in reaching its own generation. God bless church-planters!

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