Photos downloaded from newspapers of damage to buildings near the epicenter, which is about 100 km away.

Taichung's seismograph third from left

Taichung’s seismograph third from left

Crack in ground

Crack in ground

Crack on side of building

Crack on side of building

Crack in apartment

Crack in apartment

Shelves toppled & books throw on floor

Shelves toppled & books throw on floor

An earthquake with magnitude 6.0 struck Taiwan today at 10:03am. We were working in our third floor apartment, getting ready to go downtown, when we felt the building moving. The floor began to shake and we heard a crashing sound, but did not know what fell. I remarked to E. that it’s an earthquake, and hung onto the table as the vibrations increased in intensity. The swaying movement lasted probably 10-15 seconds, and then stopped just as suddenly as it started.

We went downstairs to the office to find out what was going on, and found other missionaries were there too checking the news. One phoned home to see if his family was alright, and was informed that everyone was fine, but some utensils were thrown to the ground. Another was planning to clean his fridge which was on coasters. The fridge rolled across the floor and then slid back, A third asked me “Were you scared?”, to which I replied, “A little.” We had experienced earthquakes before, but of lower magnitude. This one caused the building to sway only sideways, but there were no vertical upheavals which would have been more frightening.

Ultimately, our security is in God’s hands. If He still has work for us to do, we will be preserved despite the circumstances. If it’s time for us to go Home, then no human precaution can prevent that from happening. Place yourself in His hands and there is no need to fear.

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  • Caleb Ng  On March 27, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    We were thinking of you when we saw the news. Thankyou to the Lord that everyone was fine. Your works have not finished yet.

    Caleb and Helena

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