Ministering to the Under-privileged

Tanzi Gospel Center

Tanzi Gospel Center

Doing Bible study with the Mom's group

Doing Bible study with the Mom’s group

We visited the ministry of another missionary, who served the Vietnamese brides and the grass-roots community. She is Taiwanese whose home was in Toronto, studied in Canadian Theological Seminary, retired from Bell Canada, and then joined SEND Taiwan six years ago to serve the under-privileged full-time, partnering with the Taiwan Industrial Evangelical Fellowship (TIEF) as her platform.

There are over 427,000 foreign brides in Taiwan, mostly from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and China. They came in search of a better life, but often married Taiwanese blue-collar workers or men in rural areas who could not find a wife locally. Because of language and cultural barriers many are unhappy or depressed. That’s where her ministry comes in. She is a one-staff “team”, offering Chinese and English classes as the bridge, but providing counseling, a shoulder to cry on, and practical assistance e.g. accompanying them to court, wherever needed.

She is assisted by several volunteers. One is a Vietnamese Chinese from Los Angeles who acts as her interpreter when she preaches. Another is her cousin attending the same home church in Toronto, who supports her ministry and spends more time in Taiwan than Toronto! Together they would visit Vietnamese restaurants where many of the foreign brides hang out, or visit the night market to find prospects they could strike up a conversation with. “How can I help you?” is still a good way to open doors for ministry. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers.

Visiting neighborhood families

Visiting neighborhood families

Flyer distribution in the night market

Flyer distribution in the night market

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