Witnessing Encounters

Tanzi Sports Park near gospel center

Tanzi Sports Park near gospel center

Setting up garage sale to attract people

Setting up garage sale to attract people

Found KSP's favorite monkey!

Found KSP’s favorite monkey!

The Tanzi Gospel Center goes to the nearby park every month to do street evangelism. Normally the young people would play guitar music to attract people, and they would share the good news over a public announcement system. However, this time they collected donations of toys, handbags, clothing etc. from volunteers, and held a garage sale instead. So while they looked after the stall to sell the merchandize, we walked around the park with flyers looking for people we could share the gospel with.

We found several Indonesian caregivers who wheel-chaired the seniors they were looking after to the park to have some fresh air, and to have some chat time themselves with fellow nannies. It turned out that they knew not only Mandarin, but English as well! So E. witnessed to them in English. They readily admitted that everyone is a sinner, including themselves, but when it comes to receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they hesitated because they were Muslim. We explained that Islam does not and cannot provide a solution to their sin problem, because only the one true God of the Bible can forgive sins.

They needed time to think it over because for a Muslim to become a Christian meant being rejected by their own people. They do not have a day off to come to church meetings, but they go to the park everyday. So we left it to the missionaries and volunteers to follow-up. Fear of being ostracized is the grip that Satan has over many who belonged to other religions. We witnessed to a Vietnamese Chinese lady and it’s the same story. When she was young she joined a Buddhist cult which required its followers to swear a curse on themselves if they ever leave the cult. She was afraid to receive Christ because of that curse. Pray that the stronghold will be broken and that the people will be saved.

Sharing the gospel with two Indonesian caregivers

Sharing the gospel with two Indonesian caregivers

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