Evangelistic Meetings

Praying for those who decided to follow Christ

Praying for those who decided to follow Christ

Last weekend we were given opportunity to share in two services. The first one was with the Taiwan Industrial Evangelical Fellowship (TIEF). They conduct their worship on Sat. evenings to fit the schedule of their participants. About 25 attended, many of whom were non-believers, some being neighborhood residents. Four adults and two children responded to the invitation, of whom two became believers within the last two months and didn’t know that they do not need to receive Christ again and again! One was a visitor who came for the very first time, while another one was a senior who commented that “if everyone would trust in Jesus the world would be a much better place!” We passed their names to the pastor of the gospel center for follow-up.

With couple in pre-marital counseling

With couple in pre-marital counseling

Vietnamese Fellowship

Vietnamese Fellowship

The second was with the Vietnamese fellowship. Sixteen twenty-something attended, excluding workers. Unlike most church groups, this one consisted of more men than women, as quite a few are migrant workers who came on a permit to work in factories. A sister translated my message into Vietnamese, and one responded to the altar call, as four had already responded to an evangelistic meeting just the last week by an US short-term team.

Ultimately all conversions are the work of God, but we attribute the result to the labor of the missionary as well, in ploughing the field to loosen the soil. Sometimes churches conduct an evangelistic meeting once a year to satisfy themselves that they are committed to the Great Commission, but do not do much outreach the rest of the year, nor train/encourage their members to do personal evangelism. They are only fooling themselves. Evangelism needs to be part of your lifestyle, not an occasional program. If you want to harvest, you must sow. No sowing, no harvesting. It’s that simple. Think through what’s priority in your church.

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