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Gethsemane Covenant Church

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We worshipped at Kcmany (Gethsemane) Covenant Church (http://www.kcmany.org.tw) this morning. Although we’ve heard that many mainline churches here preach a social gospel, there are always exceptions. This is one of them, and there are a few things that are atypical. First, their slogan is “Building Greatest Commandment Families, Multiplying Great Commission Churches”, and according to our contacts they have already planted four daughter churches plus one mission station in their 20 year history to back up their claim.

Pastor with worship team

Pastor with worship team

Second, it was founded by a woman pastor, which would be rare in N. America. The church is not large, about 200 in Sunday worship attendance. Many churches fall within one social stratum e.g. middle-age/middle class, but not this one, which has a good mix of all age groups and economic standing. The young people make up the worship team, but include both contemporary and traditional music in their singspiration.

Love feast

Love feast

Third, although we’ve been there only once, their bulletin revealed a very organized caring structure with the church divided into 6 parishes and 14 cell groups, with departments to look after core functions and administration. If you want to grow, you need a good platform to facilitate multiplication, and this church seems to have it. One small thing to demonstrate their organization ability is the weekly love feast, as more than half of the congregation stay for lunch after morning worship. It’s not a simple matter to cater for over 100 people every week, but they appear to have it down pat.

You can’t draw many conclusions from a single visit, but after visiting many churches in different lands this impresses as a healthy and vibrant church.

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