Silent Water Runs Deep

Chiayi train-bus station

Chiayi train-bus station

Our host's apartment

Our host’s apartment

We visited a missionary couple in Chiayi, a Vision 119 town about an hour and a half by long distance bus south of Taichung. They have been missionaries to the Philippines for 11 years doing church-planting and seminary teaching before being transferred to Taiwan in 1995, where they now serve people from other countries who work and live in Taiwan.

Although the husband claimed he is not fluent in Mandarin, he had actually learned 10 languages: five Indian dialects including Nepali as he grew up in India, English, Tagalog, Hebrew, Greek and Mandarin. He has a D. Min. from Fuller, and had taught in three seminaries in Taiwan. His wife is originally from Taiwan, but educated in the US where they met and got married.

Last year they went back to his native India and met some of the students he trained 40 years ago while serving at IVCF. Many of them had achieved senior positions in the public and private sectors as well as in ministry. It is often said that the success of the teacher is measured by the success of his students. In this case his students showed that his labors had yielded fruit.

Notwithstanding their credentials, they keep a very low profile. Since we assisted in a Sat. morning Easter children’s program and shared in the evening fellowship, they invited us to stay overnight before returning to Taichung Sun. afternoon. When they took us to our bedroom, at first we thought they had a very nice apartment as the bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. Little did we realize what they had done, until we saw the room they were sleeping in. They had given us their own bedroom for the night, and moved into a small guest room themselves! We were embarrassed to say the least, but they insisted that they had no other room for us!

We have met many people in our 40 years career in secular and the Lord’s work, some very smart, many very successful, but often also proud because of their accomplishments. Some are proud even though they are really not that great, except in their own eyes. Seldom do we find intelligent, successful folks who are also humble. They would be among this rare group. Blessed are the humble!

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