Ministry Angels

Ministry Angel

Ministry Angel

Every minister needs “angels” who minister to him/her (Mt 4:11). Our church-planter friend has three who supported and helped her in many practical ways.

Wherever she goes, our host would first seek out the prayer meeting to discern God’s leading, in addition to listening to the prayers to get a pulse of the spiritual condition of the church. When she went to Double Blessing Church, she met a teacher from Concordia Middle School, who was led to the Lord and discipled by another missionary more than ten years earlier. That teacher is now head of the counseling department and bearing much fruit, and instrumental in opening the way for many of our host’s ministries.

For example, when our friend saw the needs in the Min-xiong community but lacked the resources, the teacher invited her to preach in the school and introduced her to the principal. The school then provided the food for distribution to the needy. When she needed a place in Dalin to start youth outreach and worship services, she announced her requests in the church prayer meeting. The teacher, who is part of the prayer meeting, happened to have a former student who is now an architect. The architect knew a Concordia alumnus who owns a construction firm. Although the construction boss is not a Christian, he had heard of the good work done by our friend, so he donated his own office and board room for their use on weekends, rent-free!

Whatever our host needed for her ministry, be it a thermos, a coffee-maker, or used clothing for distribution, she would ask for it in the prayer meeting, and the Lord would provide for it through that teacher or others. The teacher, who is in charge of the school faculty’s prayer meeting, has a fruitful ministry of her own, such as leading students on short-term mission to Myanmar. She is what I consider to be a “worthy person” or “person of peace” according to Mt 10:11, who paved the way for our friend’s ministry.

The second “angel” is the wife of the principal, a Christian. When Grace Meal was launched last summer, she encouraged the teachers to gather food from each class for distribution, even though she was diagnosed with cancer at the time. She herself volunteered to help out at the project. Later when she suffered a fracture in her arm and cannot drive until it heals, the first thing she thought of, before she was wheeled into the operating room for the arm surgery, was that she can no longer deliver the food from the school to the church for re-distribution. Such is her dedication to the project.

The third “angel” is a student’s mom. When they needed to promote Grace Meal by taking pictures of some of the beneficiaries, she volunteered to be the photographer. She is a dentist’s wife, a non-Christian at the time. However, as she took the photos and saw how Grace Meal had transformed the lives of the recipients and volunteers, she witnessed faith and love in action. She herself was changed and became a believer.

Between them they also provided a small monthly support to our friend’s ministry. Do you have ministry angels like that? Not many do, but we can ask the Lord for them. Happy is the Christian worker who prays for everything, and has ministry partners like these volunteers!

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