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Transformed Life

Transformed Life

How do you change a swearing, coarse person into a follower of Jesus Christ? Slowly, with the grace of God. She grew up in an orphanage, where she picked up a lot of bad language, but not how to read or write. Our hosts first met her when they were delivering grace meal in the neighborhood and gave her one box. “One? I need 5, I have 4 children!” Actually her children are grown, as she has 2 grandsons already. They gave her 5, but feeling a little embarrassed, she came back the following day and volunteered to help with the food distribution. And helped she did!

She became one of the most reliable workers in delivering the meals door to door, as she rides a scooter, and the most hard-working with the DIY dumplings. She used to be very fierce in the past, but have now become a gentler person since her association with the missionaries. She now goes to church 3 Sundays a month. Her relationship with her son and daughter-in-law improved, and she even learned to memorize Bible verses and tithe.

Since her participation in DIY dumplings, she had earned NT$2,000 over the last couple of months. With the funds, she is raising ten turkeys, 3 of which she had reserved as an offering to God.

When God looks at us, unlike men He does not care too much about where we came from, what kind of background we have, whether we have the right pedigree. He shapes us into what we can become, by His grace. As others have observed, He does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. She had changed by coming in contact with God through His children, who are living out Christianity as it should be. What kind of Christian life are you living? Is it affecting lives? Examine yourself and walk as you should walk.

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