Ministry by Faith

Our Missionary Hosts

Our Missionary Hosts

At present our hosts have five ministries in two neighboring towns:
• Grace Meal in Min-xiong, described in detail in earlier posts;
• Health classes for adults, teaching basics in hygiene, measuring blood pressure etc.
• Leadership training for high school students in Dalin, using Character Training Institute (CTI) resources;
• English class for high school students and up, in Dalin;
• Grace Meal in Dalin, which started only recently.

All the ministries are targeted at non-believers, to build friendship bridges so that they are able to share the gospel after a relationship of trust has been established. The CTI material, for example, consists of 4 parts of 10 weeks each, for a total of 40 weeks of instructions on 49 character qualities or traits:
By the time the course is completed, the students are already oriented towards a biblical character modeled after Christ and on their way to receiving the good news.

Two things that I especially appreciate about these ministries are that they are entirely faith-based, and that they are very incarnational. 2 Co 5:7 For we live by faith, not by sight. The church-planters had a good position pastoring a Chinese church in the Philippines and promoting GoodTV, which they gave up to come to Taiwan, before spending sufficient time to raise enough financial support for themselves. They are therefore under-funded. Yet the Grace Meals require a lot of resources, both in terms of the food being given out, as well as the labor in collecting and distributing them, seven days a week. All of these are entirely dependant on the Lord day by day. If you have to look at circumstances, you might be discouraged to give up a long time ago.

The second is that our hosts are incarnational, in the sense that they are among the urban poor they minister to. No, they do not live in the slums, only close by, but they have a close relationship with the people. Grace the deaf-mute, for instance, drops by several times a day, and is invited into their home for breakfast together. Of course they need their privacy, but they did not compartmentalize their lives such that only 9-5 is for the Lord, and the rest is for themselves. They served whenever the needs arise, following our Lord’s example.

Like all of us, they have their short-comings. But we need more dedicated servants like them. When we assess a ministry, we look at not just the work being done, but also the relationship with the people. Our hosts enjoyed a friendship with those they served. This speaks to us more than what they told us. We hope we can help raise the level of awareness to their work, and that more people will support and expand their ministry. Pray and lend a helping hand, both physically and financially. Drop me a note if you are so led.

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