God’s Amazing Provision

God Provides

God Provides

(Continued from yesterday)

The Lord made provisions for them to overcome several hurdles to go to the mission field. The first one was their children’s education. At first when he told her God called them to go to Indonesia, she did not want to go, as Indonesia is a Muslim country and there is no Christian school there for their three children. But instead of refusing, she cried out to God to take care of it.

And sure enough, not long thereafter an international school opened in their field. Since it was not their agency’s policy to send missionary kids to international schools, she asked if she can teach there, then will they allow their kids to study there. The agency replied yes. So she applied to become a teacher at the new school, just by email, without any connections. But surprisingly she got accepted! Initially the agency tried to rescind their approval, but had to go through with it since they promised her.

The second hurdle was financial. Unlike some agencies which don’t send their missionaries to the field until they’ve raised 100% support, their agency sent them out at 70% support. Unfortunately even at that level some of the pledges dropped out after they went to Indonesia. So reluctantly their agency wanted to bring them back to the Philippines. She told the international school principal about her plight. He was very sympathetic, and amazingly offered to make up whatever their shortfall is each month until they recover, be it $300, $500, or even $800! So they stayed, because God provided them a generous donor, who continued to support them even to this day, albeit at $100 a month now.

The third hurdle was logistical. It took a year for them to get a work visa which would allow them to stay longer, so during the first year the whole family of five had to leave Indonesia every 60 days to go to Singapore to renew their tourist visa. Each time they leave they were fearful that they might not be able to return, because who would believe a family would go there as tourists 6 times a year! But God took care of that every time. Sometimes He would use their children, respectively seven, four and one year old to charm and evoke kindness from the immigration officers. They would tell them, “I’ll let you go this time. But don’t do it next time!” Mt 21:16 is true; “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise.”

The next two obstacles were again financial. She hurt her back after one year, underwent surgery, and cannot go back to teach. As she was recovering at home, crying out to God about their need, her Buddhist landlord visited her. She saw that our missionary host had been crying and asked her why. She told her without her teaching at the international school, she can no longer afford to send her children there. Amazingly the landlord said, “Don’t worry about your kids. I’ll take care of their education this year.” So even though they do not have the means, their heavenly Father does, and He sent one of His non-believing subjects to solve their problem.

The last incident involved a student’s parents. She was patient with all her students, especially a child from Singapore. He was so nervous that he would wet his pants, but she was very tolerant and gave him extra time and attention. The parents, as well as an aunt, were grateful to her for caring for their child. When they found out about their financial difficulties, they promised to look after the expenses of their three children’s education. They did that until the aunt died three years later, and the parents were not able to continue the support on their own. However, the timing was such that they no longer needed support after those three years.

The Lord said in 1 Sam 2:30 “for those who honor Me I will honor.” Our missionary hosts went through a lot of challenges, but through them they also experienced God’s presence and provision. Perhaps the reason we do not see God’s hand at work is because we do not put ourselves in God’s hands. Deut 33:27 “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” I hope for our sake we learn that soon.

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