Church-Planting Workshop


We were very glad to be invited to join a workshop hosted by the mission agency for all her workers, on the development phases of church-planting (CP). There were 13 career missionary participants in 6 CP teams, who used the book “Global Church Planting” by Craig Ott and Gene Wilson (Baker) as a frame of reference. Each team compared their current experience to the biblical principles and best practices cited in the book, to gain insight into how they can improve their strategy and implementation.

Since it was only a half-day workshop, they were able to cover only the following:
1. Before Launching
a. Targeting and Commissioning
b. Understanding and Strategizing
2. Launching – Evangelizing and Discipleship
3. Establishing – Congregating and Maturing
Each team charted their progress using metrics given in the book, and it was very exciting to see milestones accomplished and yet to be achieved.

Discussion of the last two phases:
4. Structuring – Expanding and Empowering, and
5. Reproducing – Strengthening and Sending
will have to wait till next time, due to time limitations.

Essentially we got a glimpse of CP as insiders, from the ground up, something money can’t buy. It was like being in the “Situation Room” observing as the event unfolds. We were very thankful for the valuable insights shared, and got an appreciation of the hard work and challenges involved in CP. Thank God for church-planters on the front-line waging spiritual warfare on enemy territory. They liberate captives for Christ to advance His Kingdom, and are worthy of your support. Pray for them and supply their needs. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

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