Tyre in Prophecy

Tyre 2

Q. In Is 23, has the prophecy about Tyre happened? Which 70 years is v 17 referring to? Is 23:17 At the end of seventy years, the LORD will deal with Tyre. She will return to her lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth.

A. Yes, history and archeology proved that this prophecy, as well as that in Ezekiel 26, happened exactly as predicted in the Bible. Scholars believe the 70 years in Is 23:17 refer to the period between 700-630 BC, when Assyria captured Tyre and restricted her sea trade. Around 630 BC Assyria declined in power, allowing Tyre to revive her trade.

The destruction of Tyre as prophesied in Ezk 26 happened later. In 573 BC king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed the old Tyre after laying siege for thirteen years, but the people of Tyre fled to an island off the coast, where they built new Tyre. In 332 BC Alexander the Great attacked new Tyre, and demolished it by dumping the debris from old Tyre into the sea to make a causeway for his troops, thus fulfilling Ezekiel’s prophecy to the letter. This is summarized in the attached video:

Fulfillment of prophecy exactly as predicted proved the Bible to be trustworthy and indeed the word of God, and we can rely upon it in matters of faith and salvation.

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