Christian Feminist?

feminist 1

Q. Can you be a strong Christian and a feminist at the same time?

A. That depends on what kind of a feminist you are talking about. There are at least 3 main categories:

1. The radical left feminists who see the Bible as promoting male chauvinism and oppressive. They reject the Bible as revelation from God, and embrace instead a New Age goddess such as Mother Earth, or Sophia as the sum of all wisdom, or even white magic witchcraft. This is non-Christian and totally incompatible with our faith.

2. The left liberation feminists who see the Bible as patriarchal and perpetuated by a male ruling class, from which it must be liberated to overthrow female subordination. One outcome is the emphasis on gender-neutral Bible translations, which aims to eradicate the male bias. I see this also as inconsistent with traditional Christianity.

3. The right evangelical feminists who accept the Bible as God’s revelation, but differ in their interpretation. On the one hand is the egalitarian school who maintains full equality between men and women in everything without exception. On the other hand there is the complementary school who espouse equality in nature or essence, but who accepts male headship based on the order of creation. Both advocate for the full equality and participation of women in all aspects of society and culture, and are consistent with our beliefs. You can be a “strong” Christian and a feminist of this sort.

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