The Role of a Manager

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An effective leader needs to be a good manager. The role of a manager is to achieve desired results through people by building them up and making them successful. All managers focus on results, the good ones build up their people. We achieve success through others, since we can’t do everything ourselves. People are our greatest assets.

There are 3 key strands to help us fulfill our role as a manager. First, in order for us to know whether we have achieved our target the results need to be measurable. The desired results need to answer the questions:
What needs to be done?
When does it have to be completed? and

The desired results need to be specific, otherwise people might get confused, and realistic, or else they may be get discouraged and frustrated. We need to focus on two things:
• The “as is” – What is the situation now> and
• The “desired results” – What could be or should be?

Secondly, since the results are accomplished through people the manager needs to be relational. The relationship is like oil in machinery. Try driving a car without oil in the motor. It will burn your engine. Similarly without relationship you will destroy the whole structure.

Third, not only do you need relationship, to motivate the people the work needs to be meaningful. People need a sense of purpose. They need satisfaction. They like to make their lives count, and know that what they are doing adds value.

These 3 strands, relational, meaningful and measurable, can help you become a good manager. These principles are applicable across industries and business functions, with one exception. When we move into the realm of spiritual work, we are responsible for what we do, but the end results depend on God. We are responsible for the “verbs”, but not the “nouns”. For example, we may work hard in sharing the gospel, but the number who get saved is in God’s hands. We need to work as if everything depended on us, but pray as everything depended on God. Leave the results to Him. He is faithful.

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