More Taiwan Flood Photos

We heard from our missionary friends in Chiayi. Both lived in typical Taiwan houses with 4 floors. The living and dining rooms and kitchen are on the ground floor. Second floor is the master bedroom. Third floor consists of guest room(s). The fourth floor generally houses the family shrine plus roof top. One couple in Minxiong was spared. The other couple in Dalin, where we will be staying, got flooded on the ground floor. The hardest hit areas were Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

APTOPIX Philippines Floods

The fire department in Chiayi used dinghies to rescue people.

Chiayi flood 8

Chiayi flood 9

Residents in a nursing home waiting for help and evacuation.


Kong Rey flood 1

A senior in Tainan sitting in front of her flooded house.

Missionaries face many challenges – spiritual battles, language barriers, cultural adjustments, finances, lack of a support network, physical and emotional hurdles. They leave the company of their friends and relatives, the comfort of their homes behind, for the sake of the gospel and to serve the people God had laid on their hearts. Pray for them. They are worthy of your support.

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