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To some, it may be a mere coincidence. The first time I went on a short-term mission trip to Panama, we had a car accident one month prior. That resulted in one church sister being hospitalized, another brother having to see a physiotherapist multiple times for treatment, and my own mother suffering whiplash injuries. The second time I went on an STM to Costa Rica, I received a call from my wife that our basement got flooded.

Subsequent to that there were other mishaps. For example, my wife’s implant tooth got broken during our last trip to Panama. And in the most recent trip to Taiwan our furnace room got flooded because of a burst pipe. Some see it as just bad luck. But if you have been on mission trips a few times, you know that our Enemy does not like people being snatched out of his hands, and will do anything and everything to spoil God’s plan, including attacking His servants who bring the gospel to the lost. Sometimes he would attack the messenger himself with sickness and accidents to immobilize him. Other times he would attack his family members, whoever is most vulnerable, in order to throw the messenger off track and render him unable to fulfill his mission.

For our current trip, the hurdle was hip inflammation two days before we were supposed to leave. I woke up and tried to turn off the alarm clock, but a sharp pain ran down my leg such that I immediately fell back on bed. It was as if I was hit with a jolt of lightning. I tried getting up again – another bolt shot through my right side. It took me some 20 minutes to roll onto one side and slowly crawl out of bed. I quickly took some pain-killer and made an appointment to see my family doctor. Good thing he could squeeze me in the same day. The diagnosis – inflammation of the hip muscles. The prescription – anti-inflammatory drugs plus muscle relaxants. Though not fully recovered, two days later we were on a plane and so began another STM to Taiwan.

What we need is a good prayer shield to quench the fiery darts of the Enemy. That’s where our prayer partners and supporters come in. With their faithful prayers we are able to focus on the tasks at hand. We don’t get distracted by interruptions of bad news from family and home and can concentrate on fulfilling the mission. Thank you for interceding for us. Thank you for standing in the gap.

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