Evangelistic Bible Study

We picked up two very simple tools for evangelistic bible study (EBS) from our missionary hosts. Besides a gospel presentation and giving your testimony, EBS is a very effective method to engage the unreached and share with them truths that lead to salvation. Both tools can be used for any given bible passage, and do not presuppose a lot of biblical background knowledge which non-Christians may not have.

Seekers EBS process:

The first one is more suited to seekers and uses 4 pictures to ask the following questions:
1. What do you observe in this passage? Is there anything you do not understand and need clarification?
2. What new idea did you learn from this passage?
3. What strikes your heart after reading this?
4. Who else need to listen to what is taught here? Who can you tell?

New believers EBS procedure:

The second involves a little bible background so is more suited to a new Christian, and asks 6 questions – What does this passage teach you about:
1. God,
2. Man, or yourself,
3. The world,
4. Sin,
5. Satan (the devil),
6. What God wants you to do?

Both tools move the participants through observation, interpretation, and application, but keep it simple by not requiring them to cross-reference to other passages which they may find too challenging. I have done EBS with many seekers with very good results. Try it and see for yourself.

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