Mission Impossible Part II

mission impossible 6

(Continued from yesterday)

Part 1 of our mission consisted of a consulting assignment to compile a ministry manual for our area. For that we will stay in Taichung to conduct interviews in person and via Skype for 3 days a week. Part 2 involves substituting for a pair of missionaries who are on home assignment for three months, and do we have big shoes to fill!

First, they are veteran missionaries with three decades of local experience; we have only several years’ pastoral experience, in Canada! Secondly, they are fluent in both Taiwanese and Mandarin; we have only 3 months learning Mandarin, and people still look puzzled when we struggle to communicate. Third, they lived among the people they served and were able to build relationships with them to share the gospel. We lived there only 3 days a week, so the best we could hope to achieve is to maintain programs they have started. Fourth, they have many ideas to engage and connect with the locals; but I am not very creative. So you can see why we do not have a big enough head to wear their hats!


Some of their programs include:
• Dalin Good Neighbors Caring Center – started by another missionary couple which functions as a church with Sunday worship, but is not named as such. This is because the majority of Taiwanese have a Buddhist/Taoist background and are adverse to church, but enjoy caring relationships. Besides worship the center also hosts youth fellowship and community English class.


• Virtues English class – going to elementary and high schools and offering to teach virtues in English. Some principals may be interested enough to integrate such teaching into the school’s regular class time; others may allocate them to weekend mornings.


• Grace meal – feeding the poor, which utilizes school cafeteria surplus food and local volunteers to do the distribution.

• Building strong families – via good husband-wife relationship and family altar, although they did not have time to tell us more before they left for home service.

There were other things they started e.g. summer concerts as evangelistic outreach. Mission impossible? Yes in our own strength. But pray for us, for with God nothing is impossible!

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