10 Chinese Strengths and Weaknesses

strengths weaknesses 6

I was browsing through our mission’s orientation manual, and came across the following 10 strengths and weaknesses of Chinese. It was originally published in Chinese Churches Today (April 1985). 28 years have transpired since then, how much of it is still true for our Generation Y?

10 Strengths of Chinese:
1. Intelligent and ingenious
2. Esteem filial piety
3. Family united
4. Respect rank order
5. Take middle ground
6. Diligent
7. Willing to endure hardship
8. Frugal
9. Strive to advance
10. Guard wealth and content in poverty

10 Weaknesses of Chinese:
1. Uncooperative
2. Don’t admit wrongs
3. Narrow minded
4. Jealous
5. Reject those who are different
6. Love money as life
7. Selfish
8. Pass the buck
9. Not willing to change
10. Satisfied with “almost” (more or less)

If you are Chinese, does the above describe you? Can you shore up your strengths and offset your weaknesses? How has your faith changed you? I hope we have all been transformed for our sake and the gospel’s sake.

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