I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell …

heaven or hell 1

Q. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. It’s not real. It’s useless for you to try to use fear to scare me to believe!

A. This is a category error committed by many people, especially post-modern, who have their minds closed. They think that just because they don’t believe in something, that settles the matter. The problem is they failed to distinguish between the subjective and the objective. What they choose to believe or not believe is subjective, but the truth or validity of the thing under consideration is objective, independent of whether he believes it or not.

For example, people in ancient times believed that the earth was flat, but that did not change the fact that the earth is actually spherical. Many ancient people also believed that the sun, moon and planets circled around the earth (geocentric), but the fact remains that the earth, moon and planets revolved around the sun (heliocentric). Belief or disbelief about a thing does not change the thing itself, it only changes the person who held that belief, and how he will react as a result of his belief. Truth is objective, not subjective, whether you believe it or not.

But back to the reality of heaven and hell. If you are looking for scientific proof, in the sense that you do an experiment, observe the results, and then deduce a conclusion, then the answer is there is no “scientific proof” for the existence of heaven and hell, but that would be another category error. You can’t prove heaven and hell by experiments, just as you can’t prove historical events by experiments, because history took place in the past and are not repeatable. So how do you know whether a particular historical person or event is true? By looking at the evidence of historical and archeological records. If something is attested to by many witnesses in written records, and collaborated by artifacts dug up by archeologists, then the truthfulness and reliability of that assertion is confirmed. If there is no evidence supporting it, then it’s a myth or legend until proven otherwise.

The same applies to heaven and hell. The Bible teaches plainly that heaven and hell are real, and the truthfulness and reliability of the Bible had been proven despite attacks by skeptics to the contrary over the last two thousand years. The proof of fulfilled prophecies demonstrated that the Bible is of divine origin, and archeological findings have supported the accuracy of the Bible time and time again. But besides the testimony of the Bible, there is also the testimony of many people who had died and subsequently revived, who testified to the reality of heaven and hell which they were allowed to visit. Now if there were only a few, you might claim they were hallucinating. But since there are many cases spanning a wide spectrum of age, nationality, education, occupation, and religion, there is no possibility of collusion, and such evidence would stand up in a court of law. So if you ignore heaven and hell it is only to your detriment, as you waived your right to prepare for where you would end up!

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