Brain Games

brain games 3

The nursing home where my mom is staying encourages residents to play mahjong to keep their minds active. They also have group games like bingo to keep the seniors alert and exercise their brains. Some who play brain games daily vouched by them, claiming that the games helped them to think faster, improve their memory, and become better in problem-solving.

However, for those who do research in the neurosciences, the jury is still out and there is no definitive answer. Some see benefits in staving off deterioration in brain functions due to aging, but others see little or no value in such mental exercises other than giving the practitioner a general sense of well-being that they are keeping their brains active. A few examples are included for your consideration:




For myself, while I have absolutely no interests in shooting games on my smart phone or iPad, I don’t mind trying out some mental exercises for 15 minutes a day that might help with my thinking speed, attention, or flexibility etc. I’ll decide after a few weeks whether these games work for me, or are they just a mindless digression to occupy and amuse you for a few moments each day.

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