Interesting Testimony

street gang fight 1

My wife attended a reunion of her high school graduating class, who met for the first time after 47 years. Some like us went to Canada for university and stayed, but a few moved to Australia and the US. So it was a happy and noisy occasion as they tried to match faces to what they remembered from 47 years ago! The spouses didn’t know anyone, so we talked among ourselves as in any social gathering of strangers. The person who sat next to me is a Christian with an interesting testimony. Here’s his story.

He was a rebel at age 19, involved in street gangs in New York. When some classmates tried to witness to him, he would ridicule them. One time he got into a fight, and found himself surrounded by over a dozen hoodlums with wooden clubs and water pipes as weapon. He was vastly outnumbered and tried to run away, but someone smashed his club on his head, and blood oozed out from his cracked skull.

He was left for dead on the street, but as he laid in a pool of blood on the pavement he remembered Jesus. In desperation he cried out, “If you are really there, save me and I will believe in you.” Somehow he managed to pull himself up, staggered onto the road, and tried to ask for help. He saw a car coming and tried to stop it by waving his arms. Usually drivers in that dangerous part of town do not stop, especially when the stranger standing in the middle of the road was drenched in blood. But unexpectedly, the first car did. The driver told him to hop in, as blood continued to flow and stained the entire back seat.

The driver took him to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, where they gave him seventeen stitches to close up the wound. When he came to, the doctor told him if he had come five minutes later, he would have been a “goner”. He tried to find the driver to thank him, but he left already without leaving his name and phone number. It was then that he realized the Lord had intervened to save his life, so he started going to church and committed his life to Christ, baptizing later in the sea.

t-boned 1

But his miraculous encounters did not end there. In his late thirties he was working daytime in the post office, and part-time as a cab driver. One winter there was severe snow storm and workers were told to go home early. He was trying to get home on an icy secondary highway, when he heard a loud thud as if something was caught under his car. So he pulled over to the left shoulder of the divided highway, got out, and stooped between the driver side of his car and the concrete divider to examine what’s caught underneath the car.

Unfortunately his car was positioned at the T-junction of a country road on the right side intersecting the highway. Normally cars on the country road would stop at a stop sign to wait for the traffic to clear before turning onto the highway, but because the road surface was very slippery, like sheer ice, an on-coming car was unable to stop, and about to T-bone our friend’s car , crushing him between the car and the divider! The driver frantically blasted his horn to warn our friend to get out of the way, but as he was crouching down in a very narrow spot, there was no time to get up and run. He looked up, saw a bright light, and shouted, “God save me!”

The next thing he knew was he was lying on the snowy ground on the other side of the divided highway. He thought he had died, but felt his legs and they were still there, and he could move his arms! Next he saw the driver leaning over him and asked, “Do you really know how to fly?!” It was then that he remembered a great force yanked him away to safety just before the other car T-boned his, but to the other driver it appeared as if he himself flew away like Superman!

This was the second time the Lord intervened to save his life. From that point on his Christian walk was cranked up several notches. Everywhere he went he would tell people his testimony and ask them to believe in Jesus. That was over twenty years ago, but he hasn’t lost steam yet. Wouldn’t it be great if more Christians were like him, boldly sharing Christ to anyone, anytime, anywhere?

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