None Righteous

Romans 3 10-12 

We finally come to Romans 3 where Paul, like a skillful crown prosecutor, made the charge that both Jews and Gentiles alike are under sin. This he stated in no uncertain terms, four times positively and seven times negatively, making sure that everyone is included in the indictment, with no exceptions:

Positive – all-inclusive:
v 9 all under the power of sin
• v 12 All have turned away,
• v 19 every mouth silenced … whole world held accountable to God

Negative – no exclusions:
v 10 no one righteous, not even one
• v 11 no one who understands; no one who seeks God.
• v 12 no one who does good, not even one.
• v 20 no one righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law

I mean, you can’t state something any stronger than that! There is no one, absolutely no one, who is righteous before God by their own works. All are guilty, all sinned, all are accountable to God, without exception. That includes you and me. Notice also that in terms of sins of commission, the verbal ones are mentioned more than those acted out:
v 13 throats, tongues, lips
• v 14 mouths
• v 15 feet

This corresponds with current realities as well, when more people are hurt by toxic words and attitudes than by active criminal offenses. What then can we do? We will turn to that in our next post.

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