Occupy Central

We have watched the news from Hong Kong attentively over the last 6 days, concerned over how the “Occupy Central” stalemate will develop, and what will happen to our family and friends in HK. The video below is an excellent analysis of what’s happening behind the scene, with HK as a pawn in the “war” between China and the US. The narration is in Cantonese, targeted at HK residents. We sympathize with the zeal of the students, but are concerned about their being used, ignorant of the fact that they are being manipulated and might end up as cannon fodder. So far the protests have been peaceful and orderly, but thugs can disguise as demonstrators to trigger a riot and clamp down. Pray that the students won’t get hurt in the process.

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  • PWY  On October 3, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you for spending the time and effort to help us look at what is happening in HK (and actually the whole world) from this seldom mentioned perspective. I am sharing your blog with some of my friends. Looks like the end time is much closer than most christians think. Looking forward to hear Part II. Praying for you!


    • Pastor Ray  On October 3, 2014 at 1:21 pm

      I am not the author. But the source is an astute observer and reliable. Pray for our countrymen that they will know the LORD and be truly free.

  • Catherine Chan  On October 3, 2014 at 10:36 pm


    特首是香港的最高領導人,選特首怎麽可以不經過篩選 ?要求越高,篩選就越要嚴謹。要選擇好的,就必須篩選。名校收生和企業聘請總裁都要通過非常嚴格的篩選,更何况選香港的行政長官 ?而名校和企業的篩選工作全都是在小圈子裏進行和決定的。


    按《聖經》的歷史記載,帶領以色列人迎接挑戰,走出困境的重要領袖人物,全部都由上帝親自挑選和欽點,並耳提面命。被上帝欽點並托付重任的領袖,首要就是要對上帝完全忠心順服,並按照上帝的旨意而行。上帝何曾假手以色列民以公民提名和普選的方式來替祂物色和選以色列領袖 ?

    《聖經》《箴言》第九章10節說:⌠敬畏耶和華,是智慧的開端⌡,若然公民提名和普選領袖是好的,為何是智慧泉源的上帝没有責成以色列民當如此行的旨意 ?


    按《聖經》論,唯獨上帝是公義,人惟有藉著上帝道成肉身的耶穌基督的救恩才能「因信稱義」(《羅馬書五章1至2節》),人不能自義。根據《聖經》,從人類之始,就根本沒有任何人能靠自己的行為表現來稱義,《羅馬書三章10節》說 :「就如經上所記:沒有義人,連一個也沒有。」換言之,《聖經》所指的義只有上帝的公義和因信稱義。



    Catherine Chan


  • Gatti  On October 5, 2014 at 10:43 am

    I agree with Catherine Chan about how God choose the leaders and we should accept and follow them. But…. God chose King Saul. Even God didn’t like Saul at the end. However Catherine Chan forgets to distinguish one important fact. God is ‘just’ and ‘merciful’. God’s chosen leaders should reflect His attributes. The authority in Beijing is neither ‘just’ nor ‘merciful’, not to mention corrupted. Equating God with those people in Beijing is an insult to God, to say the least.

    As to the video article, I believe every thing it says is true. But which country in the world does not want global dominance if they can afford to? Japan and Germany tried that in the last century. Most European countries and states tried even earlier, ergo all the colonies in the past. Hong Kong is a legacy of this past. China just bought its first aircraft carrier. And it poises to buy or build more. And don’t forget the submarines, nuclear or otherwise, the intercontinental ballistic missiles and the nuclear bombs. The list goes on. All these are offensive super weapons. Just because the US has the money and the capability to do it now does not mean China will role over and play dead. Given time, the table may turn.

    As to the matters of ‘love Hong Kong’, ‘love the country (China)’, ‘1 country 2 systems’ and ‘no change in 50 years’. It’s all a matter of perspective and how one interprets them. Right now Hong Kong and China are operating in 2 different political systems. The idea, or more precisely the promise (some see this as a threat) is that the 2 systems will become one after 50 years. I imagine the scenario is like 2 parallel highways running along each other and merge some point down the road. The smaller road will be come smaller and smaller as it merges with the major road until the 2 become one. Unapologetically paraphrasing from the bible: “he shall magnify and I will diminish.” After the 50 years the border between China and Hong Kong will be erased. One country, period.

    China has been patient for the past 15 years. But something has to give. China is a big country with lots of baggage. It’s not going to change easily even if it tries or wants to. That leaves Hong Kong. My advice is: don’t expect China to change for Hong Kong. It’s not going to happen. And it will not allow Hong Kong to change China also. Like my colleague at work tells me every time I look at him: “If you don’t like what you see, turn around.” I hope you catch my drift.

  • Catherine Chan  On October 6, 2014 at 2:40 am

    ⌠東方之珠⌡vs悲情城市(written on 7 August 2014)




    Catherine Chan


  • Catherine Chan  On October 6, 2014 at 2:41 am

    今日香港 (written on 8 July 2014)


    本來「一國兩制」是啟動得不錯的,起初中央也以爲港人很理性、務實和勤快,只想繁榮安定,而没興趣也没功夫以搞政治來混飯吃,所以很放心也很放手讓「兩制」開自動波,以期你好我好大家好,卻没想到會有人居心叵测,借「民主自由」爲名,终日不斷煽動鼓動民反,以圖奪取香港的主權與治權。於是,香港在持續的政治干擾和攻擊下,十七年來特首和特區政府施政舉步維艱,經濟發展倒退,中港矛盾升級,遊行示威不斷,社會分裂加劇,公民抗命手段更越趨激烈失控,甚至欲把「一國」推開踢開。今日香港已變得雞犬不寧,人心憂慮、煩躁和不安 !

    事實已擺在港人面前,我們這些沉默的大多數已被綁在人家的戰車上,去不斷挑戰、衝擊和威脅中央的底線,以致我們都成了他人的政治犧牲品和討價還價的人質,在他們的「民主自由」底下,我們的自由、權利和聲音在哪裏 ?是誰導致今天香港和港人自討苦吃的困局 ?

    近日,《一國兩制白皮書》以白紙黑字把話說清楚,也把話說在前面,為防有人鑽空子,亂以歪理混淆視聽去把民眾誘騙至沒有出路的死胡同。其實那些搞事者不是早已心知肚明中央是絕不受威脅的嗎 ?卻為何還要一意孤行,把我們在「一國兩制」下的自由和「五十年不變」的生活方式一併葬送在他們的「民主自由」口號下呢 ?

    想想吧,爲何香港在英殖民地時代英國政府要指示港英政府嚴禁港人集會和搞政治 ?爲何那些年連政治表態也不被允許 ?又爲何在没有民主自由下卻反而有安定繁榮呢 ?

    明眼人都知道,以目前香港的政治氛圍來看,香港没有普選和政改原地踏步其實對中央、中國和香港都是最好的選擇和結果。如果沒有《基本法》第二十三條立法的保障,普選將會是香港的禍根和後患。近年,民粹主義在香港升溫,正朝著言論和行動暴力霸權的路向發展,其背後複雜的政治動機、策劃、部署和勢力都不容忽視。香港會否永無寧日取決於港人能否心明眼亮站出來以廣大強而有力的聲音來反制搞事者,因此,各盡其力去喚醒廣大市民救港和自救是當務之急 !

    人的個人素質、思想成熟程度、知識水平、文化程度、政治意識、社會經驗、智慧、分析力和判斷能力都十分參差,高低不一,甚至有天壤之別也不足為奇,所以,以一人一票來普選特首是相當冒險的,愚民越多就越險,政棍極力爭取一人一票普選特首是因為惟有如此才有機可乘,只要愚民成功就有翻天奪權的可能。然而,水平低的愚民又怎能選得出水平高的特首呢 ?選特首不是小孩玩遊戲吧 ?是會玩出火來把香港毀掉的呀 !「長毛」、黃毓民、陳偉業等人不就是民選的立法會議員嗎 ?

    歷屆港督都完全沒有認受性,為何港人卻一直全都噤若寒蟬 ?顯見現今以認受性來抨擊特首梁振英是牽強的並有政治動機的藉口而已。




    Catherine Chan


  • Catherine Chan  On October 6, 2014 at 2:45 am

    罷課的咒詛 (written on 12 September 2014)

    若罷課 = 曠課,就不會有補課和補考的安排,而且,曠課在校規中屬於嚴重違纪當處罰的行為,是操行上的污點,因此,選擇罷課的學生要有自食惡果的準備。如學校不願為罷課承擔任何責任,那麽罷課就必須 = 曠課,就這麽簡單;也惟有如此,學校的安寧和正常的學習環境才能维持,不然,因罷課而起的麻煩和騷亂將會接踵而至。


    再者,倘若罷課作為抗爭手段開了先河,那麽往後就自然會陸續有來而成為常態化,戴耀廷不是已說了公民抗命會维持五至十年嗎 ?若抗爭真的如此没完没了的持續下去,那麽可想而知,校長、老師、學生和家長會有多累和煩燥,在矛盾激化之下難免衝突不斷,結果,學校被拖垮也就為期不遠了。

    目前,罷課给了學生名正言順的機會和理由來挑戰學校的權威,情况猶如奪權,如成功,學生街頭式的霸權地位將會凌駕於老師和校長的教育權威之上,在這種情况下,學校必一片混亂,届時,難道學生還會受管,學校還能有秩序地運作下去嗎 ?


    是誰蓄意把學生捧上天來造反 ?是誰挑動學生自我放縱一己之自由意志 ?又是誰把不合作、不服從運動定義為伸張⌠公義⌡的必經之路 ?






    Catherine Chan


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