Prophecy against Egypt

Egypt flag 1

Q. Have the prophecies in Isaiah 19 regarding Egypt been all fulfilled?

A. Some, but not all. Let’s look at the specifics:

1. V 1 – Judgment swift; idols tremble. During the Exodus the LORD judged the Egyptian gods with plagues, but that was before Isaiah, not after.
2. V 2 – Civil war. The Muslim Brotherhood may be the beginning.
3. V 3 – People lose heart and turn to the occult.
4. V 4 – Fierce king. No one emerged yet after former President Mubarak.
5. V 5-10 Drought. The Nile will dry up, resulting in crop failure, and the collapse of the fishing and textile industries. These haven’t happened yet.
6. V 12-15 Advisers helpless.
7. V 16-17 Fear of Israel. Partially fulfilled during the Six-Day War in 1967, but not everyone terrified.
8. V 18 Five cities swear allegiance to the LORD. This hasn’t occurred yet.
9. V 19 Altar, monument, savior, sacrifices, offerings, vows. Some believe that this was fulfilled at the time of the Maccabees, when the high priest Onias IV fled from the Seleucids to Egypt, and built a temple in Heliopolis, city of the Sun (around 154 BC), modeled after the Jerusalem Temple. Others believe the savior to be the founding of the Coptic Church by Mark, around 42 AD. However, the Egyptians’ widespread acknowledgement of the Lord seemed to be still future during the Millennium.
10. V 22 – Plague.
11. V 23-25 Egypt-Assyria highway. Not yet built, and Egypt not yet God’s people.

Altogether although some elements have been fulfilled in history, much of the prophecy still awaits fulfillment.

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