Ray’s 2014

only one life 20

Both Facebook and Google+ make the year in review for their subscribers – the former with photos you post online, the latter with photos and videos automatically backed up on the “cloud”. This clip is the latter, and 2014 was eventful. It started with:
* our kids treating us to a Disney vacation with their families,
* my mom being hospitalized with pneumonia twice, while we were out-of-the-country on a short-term mission trip to explore the feasibility of entering a potential field.
* We then celebrated our 40th anniversary on a Baltic cruise with a couple of our best friends,
* renovated our house over 3 months in 2 stages,
* my mom going home to be with the Lord, and
* trying 10 different ways over 2 months to resolve a raccoon problem.
* We went on a second STM to plant the seed for a new church, and
* ended the year with a mini reunion with several of our university classmates and their spouses, friends we’ve known for 46 years.
A mix of ups and downs, fun and work. Some memorable, some we’ll rather not go through again. In this world we will have trouble, and challenges. Some battles are worth fighting for, some not. Don’t waste your life. Only one life ’twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last (CT Studd). Do what you can with what you have for the Lord. The rest will fall into place.

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