Feed My Lambs

This morning I have the privilege of attending the installation of a friend and former church member as lay pastor. He was brought up in an evangelical church in Hong Kong, baptized in 1965, got married in 1977, and emigrated to Canada in 1993, where he obtained his master of theological studies in 2004. For 16 years he served at our church, and for 2 years was the lay pastor looking after the Mandarin congregation. In 2010 he moved to another church and served in diverse capacities. God had gifted him and been watching over his family, calling him to serve Him and His flock. We are very glad that he responded to God’s call, and today is his church’s official recognition and celebration of that event.

Over the years I have observed a good number of brothers and sisters changing churches, for a variety of reasons. I hold a Kingdom view and so long as there are good reasons to move on and they part on good terms, I wish them well and fruitful service in their new church home. Nevertheless, I feel a tinge of sadness as I witnessed a number of brothers and sisters raised to become missionaries, pastors, and lay workers, but have to move away to fulfill their dreams. I pray that God’s people will have wider hearts, broader vision, and deeper grace to see beyond themselves to support the Lord’s work. That would make the Lord joyful. That would be glory.

Laying on of hands. Prayer by elder:

Prayer by senior pastor:

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