Diaspora Ministry


We participate in two prayer meetings. The first one is with two other families who have been our prayer partners for the last dozen years, without which I would not have survived in ministry. The other is with 15-16 people who are part of the Diaspora Ministry of our mission agency. Diaspora means the dispersion of any people from their homeland. In our case we focus on the Chinese and Vietnamese.

What I like about the second group is that they are “doers”. They love missions, not just talking about it, but in action. All of them have gone on short-term (ST) trips, some dozens of times over two decades. There are a few pastors and full-time missionaries, but the majority are lay men and women who love to share Christ, especially with those who have never heard of Him in faraway lands. The age range is from early 50s to late 70s, so age is not a barrier; the heart is. So long as there is a fire burning in the heart, they’ll find a way to overcome financial and other obstacles to witness for Christ. Nor is it evangelism only, as other teams focus on discipleship to train leaders for the churches planted.

Every month we get together to pray about the needs in the field, discuss challenges the ST teams face, and to encourage one another. If there is one thing I find lacking is that there are no young people in the group. While we value experience that comes with age, we also need continuity and stamina to grow the work. Where are the Timothy’s and Titus’s who will carry the baton for the next leg of the relay? Pray for more young men and women who are mission-minded and willing to step out of their comfort zone to witness for the Lord. May their tribe increase!

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