Divine Protection

Psalm 23 4 b

It does not always happen this way, but sometimes God works in mysterious ways to protect His children. We were staying at the guest house, on the second floor of our mission agency’s office. Seeing that one of the staff was still working in the office after 9 pm, asked her whether her parents are worried about her traveling alone late at night. She said no, as this happened quite often and her folks knew that she’s a grown woman who can look after herself. Also there had not been any incidents, except one time many years ago. But that was scary.

A missionary friend at another agency was going away, and she stayed at her apartment to house-sit. For some strange reason, Ps 23 kept turning over and over again in her mind one day, in particular v 4:
Ps 23:4a Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for You are with me;

She thought that was weird, but didn’t know what to make of it, except perhaps God was trying to tell her something. But what?

That night she went out with friends for a midnight snack. By the time they finished and she walked back to the entrance of the apartment it was already 2 am. A man jumped out from the shadows in front of her, pointing a knife at her head, and demanded all our money. She was very scared, but grabbed the man’s wrist with both her hands and extended her arms to keep the knife away from her as far as possible.

Suddenly Ps 23:4a flooded into her mind again, and she told the man firmly, “What you are doing is wrong! They can put you in jail for that.” She didn’t know where her strength came from, but she continued, “If you go away now I won’t pursue the matter any further. Go!” Then she stopped, looking straight at the man, still clutching his hand holding the knife in front of her with all her might.

After a moment the man said, “Miss, I’m going now. Can you let go of my hand?” She didn’t realize she was grasping so tightly, so loosened her grip. The man backed away, mounted his scooter, and sped off.

She later found out from the night watchmen around the corner that there are several nurses living in the apartment building. When they are on night duty they usually come home around 2 am. The man must have been stalking them for sometime, but ran into her on this occasion because she “happened” to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But why, of all the verses she had memorized, would she remember Ps 23:4 on that particular day? Where did all her courage come from? God works in mysterious ways!

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