Remembering our Sister


We attended the funeral service of sister Shirley whom we knew from over 30 years ago but whom we haven’t seen for some time. Although the government advised people to avoid gatherings with over 250 people because of COVID-19, many came to say good-bye to a much-loved sister for who she is.

She grew up in a poor family, so she entered the workforce at an early age to help support her family. Even though her life was hard, people remember her always smiling and willing to help others. Besides being busy holding down a job and looking after her family, she was active serving God in her church and different Christian organizations. But what stood out over all else was her enthusiasm to share the gospel with everyone she knew, regardless of race or age.

As one of her friends shared in her reminiscence, Shirley’s favorite method of witnessing is to make crosses with color beads. She would carry them wherever she goes, to dim sum, on cruise vacations, even when she went to the hospital for treatment. She would strike up conversations with new friends, neighbors, relatives, waitresses, fellow vacationers, doctors and nurses, and inevitably those conversations would lead to the gospel. Green stands for God’s creation. Black represents sin and darkness. Red means salvation by Christ’s blood. White is forgiveness and cleansing. Gold stands for eternal hope. She would expand or condense the explanation based on the time available and sow gospel seeds whenever she can. These crosses have traversed oceans and been to all five continents, and many have been saved.

I’ve known brothers and sisters with more knowledge, but I haven’t met other Christians, including clergy, who are keener to tell others about the Lord. She will be sorely missed, not only by her family but by the army of Christ-followers. We need more disciples like Shirley.

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