Remembering Mr. Wu Sr.

Enjoying balloon ice-cream!

Mr. Wu Sr. was our friend’s dad. We’ve known him for several years but talked with him most last year when we visited him at his assisted living home.

We always knew him to be a gentleman with a sense of humor. For example, Ellen makes crafts with balloons as a hobby, and always brings him something for fun when we visit. One time she made him a balloon sundae.  He took a spoon & pretended to eat it. Another time she made a basket of fruits. He picked one up to bite it. His care-provider burst out laughing.

As his age went up, his health went down. While we were concerned about his physical well-being, as a pastor I was just as much interested in his spiritual welfare. So each time we visited we aimed to do two things: cheer him up by talking about his past, to jog his long-term memory, and make sure he knows God.

He said he used to attend a Baptist church in Taiwan seventy years ago, when he was in his 20s. No one had invited him; he just felt he should learn about Christianity. He went for about two years and led a group of young people who asked many questions. Later on, he took his wife along and they were baptized there.

During our visits, he would read Bible verses with us, sang hymns he could recall, and even recited the Lord’s prayer. To ascertain his faith, we brought a large-print evangelistic booklet for him to read. I asked him, “When your life’s journey comes to an end, are you sure you would go to heaven?” He thought he would but wasn’t sure.

We went over the gospel with him, then tested his understanding by asking: If you are at heaven’s gates, and the angel guarding the door asks you, “Why should I let you into heaven?”, what would you say? He thought and said, “Because I trust in Jesus.” We were very happy for him as he understood the gospel and was a believer! But at the same time, he was a little sad as he said his family was not yet Christian.

We assured him that if they become Christians, they will see each other again in heaven because that’s what God promised in the Bible. Everyone who trusts in Jesus as Lord & Savior will have eternal life in heaven. So even though we’re sad to see Mr. Wu Sr. leave, we’re glad that he’s going to a far, far better place, to be with Jesus and reunited with his wife. For that we are thankful.

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