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Grand Kids having Fun

Children don’t really need a lot of expensive toys to have fun. When we were kids, we did not have the latest gadgets, just balls, marbles, and action figure cards. Adults spoil kids by lavishing fancy toys on them every Christmas, birthday, and for no reason. But running around, playing hide and seek, drawing etc. are just as much fun, more healthy, and cheaper too! Here our grandkids enjoy each others’ company by playing with just one ball and a few pillows. Beats going to ToysRUs!

Running around and making lots of noise:

Hiding to surprise everyone:

Grand Kids Year-end

Last post in 2014 – grand kids again!

KSP singing He’s Able:

SEL doing hand stand:

NCP snow slide:

ZML sitting on cousin:

Ray’s 2014

only one life 20

Both Facebook and Google+ make the year in review for their subscribers – the former with photos you post online, the latter with photos and videos automatically backed up on the “cloud”. This clip is the latter, and 2014 was eventful. It started with:
* our kids treating us to a Disney vacation with their families,
* my mom being hospitalized with pneumonia twice, while we were out-of-the-country on a short-term mission trip to explore the feasibility of entering a potential field.
* We then celebrated our 40th anniversary on a Baltic cruise with a couple of our best friends,
* renovated our house over 3 months in 2 stages,
* my mom going home to be with the Lord, and
* trying 10 different ways over 2 months to resolve a raccoon problem.
* We went on a second STM to plant the seed for a new church, and
* ended the year with a mini reunion with several of our university classmates and their spouses, friends we’ve known for 46 years.
A mix of ups and downs, fun and work. Some memorable, some we’ll rather not go through again. In this world we will have trouble, and challenges. Some battles are worth fighting for, some not. Don’t waste your life. Only one life ’twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last (CT Studd). Do what you can with what you have for the Lord. The rest will fall into place.

Our Grand-kids

Have not posted for a while on our favorite subject – our grand-children. All have grown too fast! Here are a few clips of what they had been up to:

KSP: Learning several languages, including African not included in this clip.

SEL: Bravest of them all

NCP: Learning to sing. “A” for effort.

ZML: A little shy, though not usually.

Surprise Party

The grandkids got surprise visitors for a birthday party – live animals! We were surprised that they weren’t afraid to pet them, even though some have a reputation of being dangerous! We also learned who’s fearless and who’s not (adults!). A good time was had by all, young and old.

Milk snake

Milk snake

Tree frog

Tree frog

Skinny pig, a hairless variety of guinea pig.

Skinny pig, a hairless variety of guinea pig.

Dwarf caiman alligator

Dwarf caiman alligator



Tortoise (land), not turtle (water)

Tortoise (land), not turtle (water)

Pygmy hedgehog

Pygmy hedgehog

Baby python

Baby python

Skink lizard

Skink lizard

Grand-kids’ Antics

Some recent activities:

KSP practicing for show and tell:

SEL singing 16 Tons:

NCP dance moves:

ZML playing hide and seek:

Grand-kids Learning

Never grow tired of watching grand-children play:

KSP: The hokey pokey

SEL: Farewell Nova Scotia. How did she manage to memorize all the words?

NCP: Working with toy train.

ZML: Walking!

Growing Up Fast!

Our grand-children have really grown over the last two months. Here’s what they look like now:

Kristen explains what is love. Notice how the definition changed when it comes to her favorite toy.

Small World. Just after a trip to Disney World.

Making it rain. His favorite bunny. They bought 10 to avoid running out!

Zach on the move. Almost ready to walk.

Farewell to Nova Scotia; Seven Up!

Scene 1: One of our grand-daughter’s favorite tunes is the folk song “Farewell to Nova Scotia”. The reason? Her dad sang it to her often until both the tune and the lyrics got etched in her mind. He in turn knew it so well because as a child he heard it frequently from his dad!

Scene 2: In 1964 a British director filmed the lives of 14 seven-year old children from different social class, and followed their lives with another episode every seven years. The original was called “7 Up”, then “14 Up”, “21 Up” and so on. The latest was 49 years later, called “56 Up”. The premise was that the children’s social class predetermined their future. While this held up in most cases, another theme that emerged was that their character traits influenced largely who they become.

Like it or not, what you learned when you’re young often shaped you, for better or for worse, for the rest of your life. Reminds me of the Jesuit motto: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” (Francis Xavier) Watch what you feed your children, not just physically, but spiritually. It affects them more than you can imagine. Eph 6:4 Fathers,do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.